Politicians Matter!

Statewide officials care about you no matter where you live. Some Legislators play a statewide role on HOA issues, notably Senator Royce West (who has sponsored some of the most important statutes for homeowners) and, this past year especially, Representative Dwayne Bohac. Here’s how you can contact key statewide officials.

Otherwise, state senators and representatives mostly care about their constituents — here’s how you can contact your local officials.


The Texas Property Code has many important statutes.

Chapter 202 has many important provisions that apply to both subdivisions and condominiums.

For subdivisions only:

Chapter 204 has provisions that give powers to subdivisions in Harris, Galveston, Brazoria, and Montogomery counties. This is often not a good thing for local homeowners. Note that legislators in other counties have not been clamoring for extension of this law to their homes.

Chapter 207 applies to all subdivisions in Texas. It provides for “Disclosure of Information by Property Owners’ Associations.” Not enough.

Chapter 209 applies to all subdivisions in Texas. It is called the “Residential Property Owners Protection Act.” You decide.

For condominiums only:

Chapter 81 applies to condominiums created before 1994.
Chapter 82 (called TUCA) applies to condominiums created after 1993, and some parts apply to all condominiums.