The following DISCLAIMER is important. I offer this web site, and blogs, to express opinions that I hope help homeowners. These legal opinions are not guaranteed in any way: (1) it is always possible that some courts will not agree with my interpretations — some courts (in my opinion) unduly protect associations at the expense of homeowners; (2) in any dispute with an association, the outcome depends in significant part on governing documents and details of facts that vary widely; and (3) I may change my mind as I learn more. Therefore, this web page does not offer specific legal advice for any individual, and reading it does not make you my client. If you want to learn specifically about your rights – how the law or your association’s governing documents may affect you – or if you may want to sue a homeowners association, or if you have been sued by your subdivision, townhome, or condominium, I urge you to seek a lawyer to evaluate your personal situation. Most lawyers, myself included, will want a signed agreement (called a retainer) before they provide advice specific to an individual person or family.