If you submit a form to comment on what I have written here, I truly appreciate your feedback. I may revise my comments based on what you say, and I may discuss your comment with you or others. If you include your e-mail, I will try to respond as time permits.

I also appreciate any proposals you may have for the Legislature to adopt, amend, or repeal legislation. Even if you do not know specific language to propose, I welcome your suggestion of topics to consider. At this point, probably it is better to give a brief description of what happened, or why the change is desirable — you can always add more later. If I know of a group interested in considering such a proposal, I may share your comments with them, and someone may contact you if they pursue the issue. Of course you are encouraged to submit your ideas proposals directly to legislators, to advocacy groups such as the HOA Reform Coalition, or to others who might take on one or more of these issues. What I or any other person decides to undertake at the Legislature (which meets again in 2017) will depend on many considerations. One important factor is how many people may be willing to go to Austin to explain why we need changes. If you would be willing to testify in Austin, that would help.

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