If you want to request a consultation, please submit the form below. I will try to respond promptly. If you believe the matter is URGENT, please type that in the message box. However, I CANNOT guarantee to respond in any particular time. I may be in the middle of a trial or doing priority work for an existing client, or sick or out of town, or for some other reason may not get back to you as quickly as in other circumstances. While I would like to be able to help many people, I do NOT guarantee that I will respond to any person.

On the other hand, obviously, I often do represent homeowners. I will not charge you to review your submission of this form. I will not charge you for any work unless, before you owe any money, we agree on what you would pay for the work. For many people, before asking for any money, I would expect to have a discussion to better understand your situation. Once I receive your request, I will be able (if time permits) to call for a discussion, or perhaps to e-mail a response.

Sometimes when I talk to to homeowners, they (or I) decide that it does not make sense for me to pursue the matter for them. On the other hand, sometimes there is something that I can offer to do, if we agree on a plan of action. If we do reach an agreement, I would expect to confirm that with a written retainer agreement, which is a type of contract. If we do not have a signed retainer, or contract, then I have NOT agreed to represent you.

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Please confirm you agree that you make this request for a consultation, at no charge to you, and you agree that I have not made any commitment to represent you (and that you will not owe me money for any work) unless you sign a written agreement.