Fight for Homeowners

Many homeowner associations just don’t get it. Whatever they call themselves — HOAs, POAs, CIDs – all subdivisions, townhomes, and condominiums should exist to serve homeowners. But, too often, the boards, managers, and their attorneys act as if homeowners exist to serve associations. And, too often, associations abuse bad laws to sue homeowners.

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2015 Statutes

In 2015, Governor Greg Abbott signed new statutes that affect homeowners and associations in Texas, several of which are quite helpful. Read my evaluation of how the new laws help (or hurt) homeowners.

Existing Laws

Before 2015, Texas had important statutes and common law doctrines that significantly affect homeowners. Click here for my evaluation of what’s good, and what greatly needs improvement.


Here are my responses to some Frequently Asked Questions.

Get Involved!

Here are my suggestions on how you can get involved to defend our freedom.